Capturing passion and purpose.

Working with Design Motive to help realise their vision felt right to Amanda and Phil Honey, the owners of Caisson House, right from the start. And that sense of trust and inspiration set the tone for the entire brand identity we created for Caisson Gardens.

Every aspect of the verbal and visual identify we developed for the couple is rooted in the connection they feel with the natural landscape around them, their passion for exploration and innovation, and a deep sense of responsibility for nurturing and protecting a precious space with a pioneering heritage.

From logotype to typefaces, imagery to copy to colour palettes, each element of the brand identity for Caisson Gardens is carefully crafted to conjure up feelings and ideas around the sense of connection.

Encapsulating that essential spirit in a way that felt true to Amanda and Phil was our core challenge. It’s embodied in a very simple, elegant mark that represents a space steeped in history, engineering innovation, inherent sustainability and aesthetic vision. A perfectly balanced and enduring emblem for a place where poise meets purpose at every turn.

The broader brand identity and suite of collateral we created helps the couple to communicate their story, beliefs, desires, impact and future plans with the outside world, in a way that’s designed to inspire, educate and invite further interaction.

Whether it’s through garden tours & visits or their regular programme of regenerative gardening and arts & crafts workshops, they want to share their vision of better world principles and community improvement with national and international audiences – so that Caisson Gardens becomes sustainable commercially, while also continuing to be naturally energising and nourishing for the soul.

“We had a very clear idea in our minds of what we wanted to create, and Michael and the team were able to not only immediately understand what that was, but to communicate it all in a very interesting, very original way – that we absolutely love.”

Amanda Honey,
Owner, Caisson Gardens

“When we started talking to the Design Motive team, we knew the end results would be everything we dreamed of for this exciting new venture we’re embarking on. But we had no idea just how well it would all come together to create something so evocative – true to both us and the sense of place.”

Amanda Honey,
Owner, Caisson Gardens