Disruptive positioning focuses on the gap.

Koho is an innovative technology product that creates ‘lightbulb moments’ in the way it identifies and displays clear revenue gaps between forecast and actual numbers – to make revenue management easier for SaaS and recurring revenue businesses. Design Motive was asked to create a bold brand identity and website, positioning Koho in a confident way that reflects its intentionally challenging approach. Previously very data-led, the team wanted to shift focus onto business leaders’ ability to accurately forecast revenue over different horizons and gain actionable insights on the levers they can use to correct and enhance performance. We created a punchy visual approach that emphasises the revenue gap and the benefits of a different perspective, with attention-grabbing, aspirational brand messaging that clearly differentiates and effectively communicates the power of Koho.

“Articulating a complex proposition is hard. Making it compelling is harder. Working with Michael and his team has allowed us to narrow down what matters, differentiate koho in a crowded world, and align our team behind a straightforward message. We were looking for a communication platform. What we got is a vision to help us focus and prioritise.”

Kéké Patissier
Co-Founder and CEO