It’s time to fly. It’s time for action.

When leading travel technology company Amadeus announced plans to host a two-day event in Dubai for business leaders in the airline industry, it wanted to create real impact – to build excitement and anticipation in a world emerging from the extreme challenges of a global pandemic. It was time to transition from talking about future potential to taking action to realise it.

Having worked with the client for many years, we quickly set about creating an impressive brand and collateral for this exclusive, agenda-setting event. As the industry embarks on a period of essential transformation, the name Altitude 22 provided gravitas, credibility and an important sense of elevating business performance.

Our creative approach was encapsulated by a winged flyer concept. These fliers acted as a metaphor for both flight and altitude, but also bravery, technical capability and trusted partnership – all attributes intrinsically linked with Amadeus.

“Incredible! What Michael and his team delivered to help us launch, promote and host this very memorable event was hugely impressive and inspiring for all.”

Sarah Braybrooke
Airline IT Solutions, Amadeus

“The night-time winged fliers stunt at the end of the first day was mind-blowing. Seeing the concept come to life above Dubai was a real inspiration and brought everything together in a totally game-changing way.”

Michael Farish
Director, Design Motive