It’s traveler-centric retailing. Unleashed.

Global technology provider Amadeus solidified its pioneering status in the world of travel technology by unveiling its next-generation airline retailing platform at an international conference, with an exciting brand identity created and developed by Design Motive.

The launch of the ground-breaking Amadeus Nevio platform, the latest addition to the industry-leading Amadeus Airline IT portfolio, stole the show at the IATA World Passenger Symposium in Chicago.

“Design Motive have been a real partner in launching Nevio. From naming concepts to execution of the launch and event experience, they have been with us as One Team, exceeding expectations every step of the way.”

Karin Dobson
Amadeus Travel Unit

The Airline IT portfolio is the first segment to reflect a global evolution of the wider Amadeus brand. So the client was keen to mark this new chapter with a vibrant and dynamic brand identity that would clearly communicate its new open mindset, collaboration with the world’s leading business technology players, plus the simplicity, customer-centricity and inherent sophistication of its innovative solutions.

We created the Nevio name and developed very different, eye-catching creative treatments and clever messaging to capture the attention and imagination of airlines worldwide. This is backed by a comprehensive marketing campaign to encourage them to explore “a new world of airline opportunity” – using powerful, end-to-end retailing technology that enables them to transform every touchpoint.

“Devising the look, feel and sound of a transformational technology platform that will help shape most passengers’ experiences of international air travel for the next 10-20 years is hugely exciting.”

Michael Farish
Managing Director, Design Motive