People with purpose. Motivational and amazing.

To capture and reinforce the culture and ethos of IMI around the world using powerful and influential imagery, we organised a global photo shoot at sites across Europe, North America, China and Japan. We wanted to show IMI in action in a very authentic and aspirational way – to reflect the inherent levels of diversity and inclusion within the Group, its cutting-edge engineering capabilities and the enduring motivation around ESG issues that sits at the heart of everything and everyone.

It was an opportunity to connect the brand and all of its various sites worldwide in a very personable way. Capturing great stories, interesting anecdotes and wonderful experiences of local cultures from one location to the next enabled us to successfully express the sense of one brand, with everyone inspired by the same ethos and core spirit, coming together to drive and deliver purposeful performance.

The global photo shoot was a great brand-building exercise as much as the creation of a huge bank of creative assets. We’ve subsequently these images in application in a very consistent and effective way to create IMI’s annual report, a corporate video, new website imagery, an investments presentation and across all divisional marketing communications.

“A global photo shoot was an immediately eye-catching idea, and a huge undertaking. But the Design Motive team have worked their magic again – and the resulting images never fail to make me smile.”

Katrina Feeney, IMI Plc