Unlocking neurodiverse potential worldwide

Established in 1995, the Davis organisation has been transforming learning and life experiences for individuals with ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, or executive function difficulties ever since – with huge success, but very little public recognition.

Headquartered in the United States, with a network of licensed practitioners delivering learning programmes in more than 30 languages across 40 countries, the organisation wanted a strong identity to help it communicate its credentials and capabilities to a global audience.


A Brand Sprint was the ideal solution to create the desired impact. Design Motive was tasked with creating a striking new brand identity and positioning, aligning multiple arms of the organisation, and developing a tone of voice that captures the excitement and potential of the way Davis programmes help children and adults quickly harness their innate ability to learn.

20% of people worldwide are considered to be affected by dyslexia and/or autism. Davis is on a mission to increase awareness of the impact of the learning challenges experienced by neurodiverse children and adults, to change attitudes towards those affected by these difficulties – and to deliver pioneering learning programmes that help people of all ages achieve amazing results.

We worked closely with founding associates of the organisation (previously known as Davis Dyslexia Association International and a string of non-aligned programme/division names) to create a clear, confident and credible brand identity that could be recognised worldwide. This features vibrant, progressive colourways and a symbol that represents growth, development and success in a way that’s appropriate for different age groups as well as the way that Davis empowers individuals and unlocks potential across the three parts of self: body, mind and lifeforce.

Accompanied by an assured, inspiring tone of voice and powerfully evocative messaging, this was applied to a full suite of collateral, including a new website and deliverables to support the launch of the new brand at a global Davis Symposium event in San Francisco.

“We’re so excited by the impact this new brand positioning has already had. We wanted to create a shift from our current little-known state to a level of recognition, understanding and appreciation that would enable us to become a household name in relation to neurodiversity and related conditions. We can all feel that the momentum is already building…”

Dolores Gage
Marketing Director, Davis