Time to think: How could a Brand Sprint transform your business?

Michael Farish — CEO & Founder of Design Motive

Refreshing your brand is one of the best possible ways to capitalise on new opportunities that arise in the market. It provides a clear way forward. It requires a surprisingly small investment. And it’s something that will pay off handsomely in the months and years ahead.


Refreshing and re-positioning your brand is all about preparing it for whatever tomorrow brings. With so many businesses forced to pivot and re-focus their efforts, agility is key. An innovative approach to leveraging and implementing expert brand insights could be the boost your business needs…

But why should you invest in your brand right now?

The short answer is that it can help transform your business. It’s that simple.

What’s that you say? Time is tight, everyone and everything is under pressure, and budgets are being gobbled up fast? We know. And we understand. 

It’s why a Brand Sprint is such a great idea – and has proved so useful to many companies already.

What’s it all about?

A Brand Sprint is ideal for businesses looking to refresh their brands in a quick and cost-efficient way. It’s fast, it’s affordable and it’s effective.

If you need to rapidly adapt and appeal to a new audience or react to changing market conditions by bringing a different product or service on line, we can help you do just that.

A Brand Sprint adds tangible value to your business by allowing you to:

  1. Leverage clarity, direction and articulation – to deliver your strategy in the most effective way.
  2. Look good and quickly establish credibility in the market.
  3. Differentiate your brand and attract the right customers and employees.
  4. Build recognition and create trust – by linking what you do to why and how you do it.
  5. Place a premium on the product or service you’re delivering.

Brand engagement and real results from a limited budget

Investing in a Brand Sprint enables you to unlock all of this value. It helps your brand achieve more, because it’s effectively punching above its weight.

Importantly, a Brand Sprint is specifically designed to deliver incredible impact in a matter of days and weeks – not months and half-years.

It’s also an exciting process. What this rigorous, yet accelerated, methodology allows you to do is truly energising – and often quite thrilling: you can trial bold approaches and explore new ideas; identify the best opportunities and determine how to deliver optimum impact; test the water and take full advantage of the ability to fail fast. 

It’s the interaction with an outside perspective, combined with the expertise and added value that we can bring to the table, that makes the real difference and takes your brand to new levels.

While a Brand Sprint represents an ideal approach for start-ups and SMEs looking to benefit from affordable and super-agile brand expertise, it’s also equally valuable to larger businesses. 

These could be companies and organisations looking to package up particular products or services to bring them to market in a tactical way or to regionalise an existing offer, for example. Whatever the goal, they need to do it fast, and in an effective and cost-efficient way.

In a recent project, we refreshed SaaS company The Hub’s established brand and introduced the new visual identity to the market in a purposefully and extremely affordable way – all inside 4 weeks. See for yourself what they said about the experience.

How could a Brand Sprint transform your business?

To get tangible results in business, you have to unlock the potential and full value of your brand. We know, because it’s what we’ve been doing (and specialising in) for 25+ years. 

During that time, we’ve seen, shaped and worked with brands of all sizes, and in all sectors – from superyachts to start-upsimaging solutions to electric vehicle initiatives.

We love helping businesses explore how they can identify and unleash the real value of their brands. It gives us a real buzz – and it’s what we excel at.

How could a Brand Sprint transform your business? It starts with a conversation… Want to talk?